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Vinyl flooring combines authentic-looking and well enhancing visuals such as limestone, linen, sisal and slate – with easy maintenance and durability as key characteristics. Vinyl tile comes in easy-to-install tiles form that offer hassle-free maintenance, astonishing durability, and hassle-free maintenance and stylish visuals. We offer a wide variety in vinyl flooring Nepean like attractive patterns and shades to fit in to your decor. If you go with appropriate surface preparation, vinyl can be installed at any concrete, underlayment, wood, old ceramic tile or hard flooring. Water resistance and stability make it a good option for all sorts of rooms.

Vinyl flooring Ottawa is a standout amongst the strongest flooring arrangements accessible. Contingent upon the surface you pick, material expenses can be dependent upon 70% short of what other flooring choices offer. Simple installation, high durability, low maintenance and adaptability make vinyl a prominent flooring decision.

Heart of a great interior

We believe that beautiful flooring is always at the heart of a great interior, so we hope you’ll be inspired by our designs. With styles ranging from classic to contemporary, each collection has been created to bring colour, life and pattern to your home.

Vinyl flooring offers something truly unique; the realistic look of wood, stone, ceramic tile and more in a hardwearing, easy to care for floor. Naturally warm under foot and extremely tolerant of moisture and challenging environments, a vinyl floor could be just the solution you need.

With all the practical benefits of vinyl, in a range of trend-led colours and wood and tile-effect designs, you can give every room in your home a stylish, designer look that will also stand up to everyday life. Carpet Sense Flooring Prides itself in offering a range of vinyl that is broad enough to satisfy the most demanding tastes and needs, all at affordable prices

Why choose Vinyl?

The reason is simple: vinyl flooring is incredibly easy to clean. You can just wipe up most marks in seconds, rather than worrying about getting a different detergent for each type of stain, as you might with carpet.

Vinyl flooring is a beautiful and practical way to transform any room in the home. Traditionally, vinyl flooring has been a favourite in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. Or indeed any busy area where there’s a regular risk of spills or muddy footprints to clean up.

Our vinyl flooring is waterproof and sealed, so it’s as easy to care for as you’d expect. But it’s also wonderfully soft and warm underfoot. That’s because all our vinyl flooring is cushioned. And it’s this cushioned quality that makes our vinyl flooring perfect for bedrooms, lounges and dining rooms, as well as the places it’s more traditionally found.

Refurbish your home

Whether you’re installing luxury vinyl flooring in a small bathroom or redesigning your entire home, our team are always on hand to chat through your ideas in more detail.

Money Back Guarantee

When it comes to any Warranties for vinyl floors this will differ across the type of floor and supplier. To better understand what is covered, our flooring experts with many years of experience  can help you find the best product, answer all of your questions and will go over all of the warranty details.

Vinyl warranties typically offer the following types of coverage:


A vinyl wear warranty provides coverage in the case that the wear layer is lost and results in the change or damage of the printed pattern or design.

Fading and Stains

A fade warranty for vinyl flooring typically provides coverage for stains, discoloring or fading when used under normal household conditions.

Rips, Tears, Gouges and Indents

This warranty provides coverage when your floor happens to contract, expand, curl, crack, rip or tear from normal household use. Of course accidental damage from construction, installation-related damage or damage from sharp cutting objects are not covered under this type of warranty.

Locking System

A locking system warranty typically guarantees that the joints of your vinyl tile floor remain securely locked together, without separation or cracking, for the duration of the warranty.


An installation warranty can be just as important as the product warranty, therefor Carpet Sense provides a limited warranty for any issues discovered with the original installation for up to 1 year. Speak with your sales rep for more details.

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